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AGATE 玛瑙石主要成分是二氧化硅微量元素及化合物,天然矿物质成分具有法国室内空气排放标准 "A+" 认证。质地坚实细腻晶莹剔透色彩斑斓饱满光亮纹路清晰色泽鲜艳美丽典雅。硬度7~8.5度,蕴藏于平均海拔4000米以上,隔热透气,冬暖夏凉。




先辊涂一道金甲卫士艺术漆专用封固底漆。底漆干燥后(约 4 小时),再辊涂一道同色面漆。再次表干后(约 4 小时),批刮玛瑙石,使其平整。最后再辊涂二道面漆,干燥后完成。


Product Profile:
Yingbaoli art paint is a 100 % pure natural imported material, with the French indoor air emission standard "A +" certification, specially designed for the entire room decoration and high-end environmental protection and healthy wall decoration products. With composite color and three-dimensional texture effect, the high-tech construction technology to create a fashion generous, noble and elegant but romantic home environment. At the same time, excellent environmental protection and physical performance, making this product suitable for a variety of high-end wall, stain resistance scrub, mildew prevention and moisture protection fine cracks, really do healthy environmental protection, that is, brush live.

Scope of application:
Living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, study rooms, entrance corridors, school kindergartens, offices, high-end villas and various halls.

Construction process:
The first roll is coated with a gold armor guard art paint special sealing primer. After the primer is dry(about 4 hours), roll a coat of paint. After the surface is dried again(about 4 hours), the paint surface is polished with fine sand paper to make it flat. Finally, the roll is coated with a coat of paint, which is finished after drying.
The implementation standard meets the GB/T9756-2009 standard.
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